Paula Vidal

Chile and Spain

Paula Vidal, an academic trained architect, is an artist who works with space as a canvas. Her large-format installations are on-site interventions that seek to launch questions that visitors must answer through their bodies, thus questioning their perception of physical and mental territories.

She works with pneumatic structures they allow her to generate changing spaces, which are always different and sensitive to the presence of the spectator. Spaces that are more democratic because they involver multiple sources of authorship. Throught the visitor activation, the artpiece will generate a new reality that is not only spatial, but also emotional, because architecture has that power: the power to modify people’s mood and state of mind.

Vidal’s work seeks to question established realities, always through play and individual experience. The concept Homo-Ludens is part of her seminal thinking, whose purpose is to stimulate and alter emotions. Play and knowledge, like play and reality, dialogue as conceptual opposites, united by the same crisis and necessity.

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