Miriam Poletti


My artistic practice is interdisciplinary and includes photography, textile sculpture, video and creative writing. My work develops as an exploration of the sense of touch, tenderness, fragility and the symbiotic threads that bind us, both individually and collectively. The work process itself serves as an embodied methodology to create new models of social interaction: through collaborations and workshops, my aim is to make the work the result of a collective effort encouraging a sense of shared ownership.

My main subject is the body, investigated in its slightest alterations. I explore its soft, weak, porous nature, easily moulded or even bruised by the proximity of others. The public is invited to interact physically and viscerally with the works, squeezing or gently touching them, leaving their own temporary imprint on them, drinking and consuming them, wearing them, making them their own. The skin becomes a site of possibility where the nature of the encounter is established through the performative process of touching.

GlogauAIR Project
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