Workshop • Video mapping with Madmapper



Video Mapping Workshop 

hosted by Kalma


Time: 19th and 20th: 16:00 – 20:00 and 21st : 16.00 -21.00
Price: 200 €
Level: beginner
Number of participants: 4 – 12
Language: English


Using Madmapper software, we will explore of the possibilities of video mapping in real time, technical aspects of it ( video projectors, planning of a mapping, 3D scans…) the use of live cameras, sound reaction, etc…

This is a wide introduction to projection mapping for beginners with a practical focus, with the aim that the assistants can realise their own projects at the end of the 13 hours seminar.
The last day will be a hands-on session with a Q/A approach.

For this occasion, we have the support of Madmapper, who will supply us with a full license of the software for every student that will run for one month without restrictions.

+ Computer:
MacOSX 10.13+ minimum.
For older system versions a MadMapper 5 build compatible with macOS 10.9 – 10.12 is available in the Download section of your user account.
Windows 10+ minimum. Please note that a 64 bit Windows system is required to run MadMapper.

+ Video adaptor for your computer

+Optional ( not strictly neccessary ): USB webcam, video projector, midi controller, object to map.