The Incident started with a dispute between me and my practice


A workshop on witnessing and remembering art, with artist Gabriel Hensche & curator Ashlee Conery 


Place: GlogauAIR’s Project Space

Date: Friday, September 10th, from 4pm until 7 pm

Entrance: Free entrance. Registration is required, please send an email to


Filling in forms has become a part of an artist’s practice; to apply for funding, apply for exhibitions and apply for your stay at GlogauAIR. However the practice of explaining ones work, sometimes before it exists, is rarely included in it’s final documentation or public description. The speculation and reflection this process demands is also not invited from those who experience the work, in the ways it is remembered. What can forms of bureaucracy lend to both the experience and the memory of artistic encounters?  Specifically taking as our example German Incident Reporting, we will use this workshop to shift the language of our encounters with art to the terms of practices rather than projects, taking on the roles of witness, bystander and mother to our own work as well as our engagement with the work of others. Exploring simultaneously what these other perspectives provide to ideas for sustainable funding and public engagement with the arts.  

Artist Gabriel Hensche (Berlin) and curator Ashlee Conery, co-authors of Incident Reports (VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst, 2019), will bring forward ideas from their text, collaborate on an incident, and guide you through the lens of incident report forms. After which, you will develop your own form through which to share an incident of your own practice and as witness to others. 


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Publication: Incident Reports (Verlag für Moderne Kunst 2019)
Photos by Burrow, Berlin