Book Launch & Workshop: A Better Tomorrow



Date: February 8th

Time: 18:00 – 19:00

Limited capacity of 15 people. Sign up:

5€ donation


Book launch & workshop by GlogauAIR on-site resident artists Working Hard (She and Boy), they transform the project space by reproducing a part of the structure called ‘Pos Kampoa’ into a realm of hospitality and exchange.

They learned these construction techniques from Indonesian fishermen who work and live in Taiwan. 

‘Pos Kampoa’ was a gathering space in the neighboring fishing port in Taiwan for more than a decade, they made their home here when their ships docked at the port after days, weeks, and months on the sea, which was torn down in early 2023 by the urban development plan who considered it an illegal squat.

Through events involving the storytelling of their new art book ‘A Better Tomorrow’, discussions, and reading, they invite examination of the migrant worker culture/image inscribed within the global crisis.

We will also be serving Indonesian salad/tea:


The Menu:

Gado-Gado salad

Boiled egg, 

Fried tofu,

Various vegetables,

Gado-gado sauce.


Wedang Uwuh

Secang wood, 



Clove leaves, 

Nutmeg leaves,




*Food Allergy Warning: Please be advised that food prepared here may contain these ingredients: eggs, soybeans, peanuts, and tree nuts.



About this book

As the first publication of ‘A Better Tomorrow’ in English, the book exposition Working Hard’s art project as well as the field research/stories behind the exhibitions of A Better Tomorrow (2022-2023) through the artist’s perspective, Indonesian migrant worker’s cultural activist Sima Ting-Kuan Wu’s recording, German researcher Samia Dinkelaker & Ralf Ruckus’s observations, and Framer Framed researcher Emily Shin-Jie Lee’s art criticism.  Created with duotone color Risograph prints full of field photography & archive notes, this *preserving a History of Kampoa* art book aims to stand by people who have been subject to discrimination and injustice.




About the artists
Working Hard (She & Boy)


The Taiwanese artistic duo, Working Hard is the brainchild of the creative duo Wen-Ying SHE and Po-Yu KUO (She and Boy) since 2015. They work at the intersection of audio, sculpture, and installation. For them, Working Hard is more than just the name of their art collective but a method of aesthetic practice to reconstruct an imaginative space via archival approaches. They are interested in using art as a conjunction for creating conversations and shared experiences—to meet, talk, and learn from people about their histories.

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