Vjing and 3D Mapping · June 2022



Workshop by Kalma LAB

Date: 29th June – 2nd July

Location: GlogauAIR (Glogauer Str. 16. 10999 Berlin – Germany)

Time: 16:00 – 20:00h

Price: 220 €

Level: beginner

Number of participants: 4 – 12

Final video showcase: 2nd July at 19.00h


This laboratory is a wide introduction to Vjing and projection mapping with the aim to explore the possibilities of live video projections and visual scenography using real time rendering and video mapping.

During the 4 days workshop, the participants will be introduced to the live performance possibilities of softwares such as Madmapper and VDMX . Also we´ll explore and experiment with live video cameras and sound interaction to expand the audiovisual experience.

The aim is that the assistants can defend themselves in a real environment. And to reach this, the last hours of the workshop, we ́ll organize an open doors session to show our creations the last hours of the laboratory.

For this occasion, we have the support of Garagecube and VDMX. Garage cube will supply us with a full license of the Madmapper and Modul8 and Vidvox one of VDMX software for every student that will run for one month without restrictions.


+ Computer: 

MadMapper 4 requires macOS 10.12+ / Windows 10 64bit.

MadMapper 5 is available on Mac computers and requires at least macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

VDMX doesn't support Windows, ONLY MAC with an Intel and

Mac OS X 10.11 or later. 

There is the possibility to install older versions of both softwares. 

+ Video adapter into VGA or HDMI.

+ Optional but not necessary: MIDI controllers, video projector and webcams.

Software description:

Madmapper 3.0 is a simple but advanced tool for video mapping projections and light mapping. It was created to spend more time to focus on creating your content, and making the experience of mapping textures to physical objects in real time, than solving technical issues.

Madmapper 3.0 includes the possibility of adding shaders, materials and generators to each surface. This open a huge door for real time mapping.

VDMX is one of the most powerful and flexible software system for real time video. Based on a modular configuration, it allows to create your own user interface depending on your necessities. So nothing will be needless in your patch.

Also, a built-in audio analyzer translates any sound into light and movement with intelligent selectivity for volume, frequency, instrument and dynamic response.

Support many media types including QuickTime Movies, Hap encoded files, ISF / GLSL, Flash, HTML… 

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