Tourist in your Own home





Opening days and times:

27.01 – 11.02

Mon  – Thu : 13.00  –  20.00h
Fr – Sun: 13.00  –  21.00h

Vernissage: 27.01 from 18.00h – 22.00h

Workshop: Touring Memories by Melina Koulia (dance – improvisation)
Sun 29.01 – 12.00- 15.00h
Performance: The bond you carry by Melina Koulia
Thur 02.02 – 19.00h
Performance: Lîla | Meditative journey by Kanella Petropoulou
Fr 10.02 – 19.00h

Free admission



⁠ˈ𝐭ʊə.𝐫ɪ𝐬𝐭/ 𝐢𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐞’ invites both artist and viewer alike to revisit the idea of home through the eyes of the tourist. We invite the viewer, in particular, to drift from piece to piece, voyeuristically gazing at people’s intimate ideas of what home means to them. Like any exhibition, it is the viewer who decides the importance or meaning of each piece; it is the viewer who decides how much of their time it’s worth. By viewing the intimate and personal through the detached, wandering gaze of tourism, ‘Tourist in your own home’ hopes to shed a different light on homemaking and the ephemeral concept of home itself.

‘Home’ is neither delineated nor static. Some of these works take home to mean the inside of a dwelling, whereas others interpret the word to mean a neighbourhood or even a whole country — a homeland. The process of homemaking incorporates a wide variety of practices, from the intimate and domestic to the social.

This exhibition explores what it means to feel at home, what it means to be a tourist, to be away from home — perhaps in someone else’s home — and how overlapping or exclusive these things are. It explores the relationship between the private and public spheres when it comes to defining what home is.

This exhibition is above all a place for sauntering around and experiencing habitual spaces with new eyes.
Either by questioning tourist practices of others, or becoming tourists ourselves, this is a place for all.



Participating Artists:

Anna Haillot, Mary Vosou, Alina Magomeda, Semin Hong, Mariela Bobba, Rim Harrabi & Ismael Lassoued, Emmanuelle Orr, Andriì Dostlev, Francesca Macis, Yu Chung, Ma Jiaying, Takashi Kanimoto, Tal Kronkop, Marija Bijan, Agrina Vllasaliu and Anna Perepechai

Touring Memories by Melina Koulia (dance – improvisation)
29.01 – 12.00- 15.00h
Let’s move on! Let’s explore our personal movement into spaces that are unfamiliar! In this movement workshop we will try to activate our imagination by bringing some memories to the surface — maybe from the environment or circumstances of our upbringing. We will project these elements into the space in different ways, we will share them with the group and we will combine them with what is happening in the moment.
We are always looking for safety in the future but we are still emotionally connected with our past. In this improvisation workshop we will learn to regenerate our reality by visualising things from our past and using them to help us move on!

This exhibition is hosted and curated by ASTRO which was conceptualised in 2019 by Raisa Desypri with the aim of documenting through art the complex relationship migrating people have with the idea of home. The start of this project coincided with the outbreak of the Covid 19 Pandemic, which
has led us to broaden our focus from migratory experiences to a wider research domain around the concept of home itself.
ASTRO is an archive of people’s experiences of a home away from home and the documentation of those experiences through artistic practices. Its aim is twofold: Firstly, ASTRO is looking to collect and showcase creative works around the subjects it studies but also other themes from this discipline, in order to create a substantial archive that can be used to examine the subject and contribute to the ongoing dialogue.Secondly, it hopes to create a space, both digital and physical, where creatives, whose work is concerned with similar themes, can connect through workshops, talks, events and online or physical exhibitions.