Temple of the Cosmic Beyond




Explore the Celestial Divine Immersive
Interdimensional Art & Performance Experience


Opening days and times:

Monday: closed
Tuesday – Thursday: 15:00h – 21:00h (Exhibition)
Friday – Sunday: 15:00h – 21:00h (Exhibition + Live Performers)
Elixir Lounge open until 22:00h



Close your eyes. Find your breath. Tune in to a frequency of joy as you enter the journey of the cosmic beyond. The journey is a game. A game you’ve played before. Perhaps in a dream. Or was it deja vu? The Temple of Cosmic Beyond is a maze of rituals, sacred yet absurd. A network of  color woven together by loose yarns and fibers, tangled, plush, and soft. Each corner is a new world to discover a psychedelic moment, an initiation ceremony to join our world. You’ve always sensed that you’re destined for greatness, but perhaps in another world. It feeds the imagination and the senses, inviting you to giggle at our absurd ideas of what is real and what is fantasy.



More about the Experience

Discover a surreal world of divine alien wonders through a journey into the depths of their extraterrestrial sacred site – Temple of the Cosmic Beyond.

This is an ephemeral site which the aliens will open in this earthly realm for a temporary time only (until May 20) and to a limited capacity of humans.

This fully immersive arts and performance experience brings together an array of tactile environments and interactive installations collaboratively created by a team of over 40 multi-disciplinary creatives. Through highly-detailed scenography, elaborate set design, and 3D soundscapes, a shimmering realm of impossibilites will be revealed to push the limits of your imagination.

Every Tuesday-Thursday, enjoy the art installation on its own for a more intimate personal journey.
Each Friday-Sunday, join us for a more heightened narrative experience including interactive performers.

Visitors are always encouraged to actively participate and interact with the installations and performers. This participatory odyssey is expected to last around one hour, varying according to the curiosity and pace of each visitor.

At the end of the journey there will be an Elixir Lounge and Curated Marketplace where visitors can integrate their experience with one another over unique herbal potions, and bring home celestial gifts from talented cosmic artisans.