Stonewall 50: Days of Future Past | Film Screenings


Accompanying the ”Stonewall 50: Days of future past” exhibition is this special evening of queer film screenings.

Lucid noon, sunset blush, 2015, 32 min.

17-year-old bb gay Micha has just moved into The Palace – a basement full of queer femme Dominatrix, lovers and misfits. They are beautiful, carefree and as young as the night.

Alli Logout is a video, sound, and performance artist from the middle of nowhere, Texas. Currently based in New Orleans, Logout’s drive to create is fuelled by the construction, and destruction of identity: What does it mean to be a black queer person from the South?
Looking specifically at trauma as the shape that black and queer reality has been molded to, Logout strives to bridge the gap between the media’s perceptions of these identities, and who these individuals (such as themself) truly are. Making work that is both alienating and comforting, they have shown numerous video sculptures in galleries such as Cooper Union and SOMarts. Their film “Lucid Noon, Sunset Blush” (2015) has screened internationally, and won the award of ‘Best Feminist Short’ at the Scottish Queer International Film Fest. Driven by filth, the abject, and other forms of deviance, their work lingers and manifests like a virus.

Sisterhood, 2011, 47 min.

A documentary from 2011 about making porn.
Director Marit Östberg talks with her performers and camera women about their motivations for and experiences of making queer feminist porn. Is porn political and how does it reflect our lives?

Marit Östberg is a film maker and visual artist. She’s been making porn for the last decade and her films has been awarded and shown at festivals and galleries all over the world. She sees porn as a creative way of working with sexual politics, wanting to expand the possibilities of being in the world. Through porn she examines the relation between bodies when a film is produced, both in front of and behind the camera.

The event is free