Showcase // Sophie Gabrielle

From the 22/08/2023

until the 29/08/2023

We shall by morning inherit the Earth, 2023 

Photographs, Pink Oyster mushrooms, LED LIGHTS

Dimensions variable 


We shall by morning Inherit the Earth explores the symbiotic relationship between mycelium and humans in a social and historical context. Historically, in Western societal structures, women were custodians of ecological knowledge through foraging practices. However, many were silenced from formal participation in the field of science, and their knowledge was dangerously cast aside as ‘witchcraft’.

Within the work, pink oyster mushrooms grow through the features of acclaimed European male Mycologists from the 19th century. Subverting the identity of the portrait is an act of reclamation, an acknowledgement of the lost recognition of female knowledge.

Coinciding with these ephemeral pieces is a collection of photographic works that broach places of kept knowledge, living systems and Western folklore. A Mother’s breath grown on a petri dish symbolises oral histories passed down generations. A landscape of the forest floor, a place of congregation. Red, the only colour used within the series, references the amanita muscaria, the most famous fungi, toxic and beautiful.