Showcase // Roxy Richens

From the 03/08/2021

until the 10/08/2021

Untitled (seaweed deception) 2021
Charcoal on paper
52 x 67 cm

Roxy Richens is a visual artist working across drawing, performance video, costume and visual styling. Her multidisciplinary practice is unified by theatricality, mise en scène, sexual innuendo, film history and pop culture references to illustrate themes of delusion, death, celebrity and idol
worship. Her work often explores the unsettling space between reality and fiction and the playfulness between high brow and low brow art.

At GlogauAIR, Roxy is investigating scientific proposals to colonise the atmosphere of Venus for human habitation. She aims to blur the polarities of the pre-exploration, sci-fi romanticism that saw Venus as a tropical paradise and the current scientific knowledge of the hellish reality of Venus that
is mostly incongruent with human existence.

The drawing displayed here takes visual reference from three stills from the Soviet sci-fi film Planeta Bur, overlapped and merged so that each is simultaneously visible and obscured. The hints of recognisable imagery buried in the drawing mimic the perpetual cycle of glimpses of hope and
dashed illusions in the search even the most miniscule signs that another planet is like our own.

To see how this project develops, please return to GlogauAIR on September 17th for our Open Studios and follow Roxy on Instagram (@glamrrrox)

2021_Q3_Showcase_Roxy Richens_01