Showcase // Mimi Youn

From the 13/07/2021

until the 20/07/2021

Sans souci (Careless)

Mimi Youn is interested in time, space and memory in photographs.
She collects various images including abandoned and archival pictures which she uses as the basis of her work. She creates imaginary stories in her own way by disassembling and recombining the traces of the past in photographs.
Recently, she has been exploring the relationship between history and images using archival and stock photographs. Photography can be used as a way to record history, but that can be manipulated by the perspectives of the people who produce them and how they are presented. Youn is looking for multiple hidden layers behind the image. By reconstructing images from archival photographs she explores the layers of history, memory, time and spaces. In Sans souci (careless), many historical traces of Germany, such as buildings, palaces, statues and signs are displayed in one scene. The mixture of images symbolized the Cold war and conflict creating a new narrative in Youn’s work.

Insta: @mimiyooun

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