Showcase // Martyna Lebryk

From the 09/08/2022

until the 16/08/2022

Martyna Lebryk

Individuals, 2022

Oil and oil pastels on paper

30 x 21 cm each

‘Individuals’ is an ongoing project where I make quick sketches zooming into particular segments of a body depicted in isolation. It is a dynamic and freeing method of working; a change of pace from making larger pieces.

I like to see these works hung together to hint at potentially shared stories. Each painting seems to be a character, a part of an ever-changing narrative. There is a mystery and humour in them; light-heartedness, but also a feeling of hopelessness and loneliness. Intensified by being hung in a grid, they may look like posters or screens attempting to pull us into this oddly restless world.

Q3_2022_Showcase_Martyna Lebryk_08