Showcase // Mar Ripoll

From the 06/06/2023

until the 13/06/2023

Two Faces in one, Looking into the world, Spirituality and fantasy, 2022 

Acrylic and epoxy resin on wood

65 x 50 cm

Mar Ripoll uses painting as her main means of artistic expression. When she practises meditation, she needs time to empty herself to reach an unknown and deep place. With her painting practice, she does something similar to meditation, working with many layers of paint, constantly adding and removing. While painting, she reaches a similar depth to meditating, by fully immersing herself in the process. Ripoll explores a series of themes based on intuitive experiences, by developing abstract imagery with representational qualities, using an acrylic on resin technique. The use of  layers of resin, creates a multi-dimensional effect, where the interior and the exterior layers are united. Within an abstract visual language, her work is positioned in the contemporary art world in relation to spiritual and emotional qualities in the world. Ripoll has ongoing conversations with her paintings. They tell her what they want to communicate to her as a collaboration. Ripoll is challenging herself at GlogauAIR, exploring the metaphor of the human being, as a layered experience. During her time at GlogauAIR, she has been researching historical German female painters, who have often been forgotten in the art historical canon, by including elements of their imagery into her own work.