Showcase // Maja Lindberg Schwaner

From the 09/05/2023

until the 16/05/2023

“No money, no fun”, 2023

Print of 3D environment

185×85 cm


This print is a still from the new project I have been working on during the residency. The 3D animated miniseries ´NFTasia´ is an immaterial crypto-park, inspired by the marketing of crypto and NFTs which are often sold to audiences as something enjoyable that will also make you rich.

At first, It seems like a compelling idea to enter the park, but what you find inside is kind of random. The series follows the two characters ‘Max’ and ‘Crunch’, the latter being a fan of YouTube stars like Logan Paul. It is not so much Logan Paul I wanted to focus on, but the writing on the print alludes how parasocial relationships are used by celebrities to earn money in the crypto space. 

Logan Paul is an example of this, with several failed crypto-projects behind him, such as the currency DinkDoink and the game CryptoZoo. Neither of which ever really worked in the real world, and resulted in broken promises and huge losses within the investors’ banks.