Showcase // Kleber Cianni

From the 30/01/2019

Kleber Cianni’s work starts when he discovers what no one wants, something they have discarded. A piece of wood that the ocean brings with holes in it or rusted nails, for example; to his eyes these are gorgeous pieces that hold precious stories and a sense of time. From that moment, the images come alive. A process of repetition and spontaneous discovery and creation results in an iterative imaginative discourse between person and object, blurring the boundaries between them.

Kleber Cianni, born in Brazil in 1978, is currently a GlogauAIR Resident Artist from January to March 2019.
He will be presenting his work at GloguaAIR’s Open Studios on March 22 – 23, 2019.

Artist Kleber Cianni exhibits work in the Showcase Gallery outside of GlogauAIR Berlin