Showcase // Julia Rigby

From the 22/11/2022

until the 29/11/2022

Julia Edith Rigby

SeaCave Transmogrification

Video (2022)


Julia Edith Rigby (b. 1990) is a multi-disciplinary artist from California (USA) .  She works with found materials and found sites to explore sensory perception and sense of place.


Rigby has been researching a sea cave off the coast of southern California for the past three years. Being inside the cave positions her to ask new questions about her place in the world. During her residency at GlogauAIR, she has been researching the building’s interior caves and transposing her audio/visual documentation of the sea cave onto various sites, in particular the staircase and attic. With the staircase, gravity is subverted;  the ceiling becomes a portal to the sea cave’s mouth. Both sites—sea cave and staircase–enter into a co-evolutionary relationship, transmogrifying visually and acoustically.


In witnessing this coevolution, we too are drawn into a reciprocal relationship with the work. What happens when this relationship is brought into conversation with the street? What happens when the viewer transmogrifies to performer?