Showcase // Ji-yeon Kim

From the 17/01/2019

Tinder? Instagram? Facebook? Myspace? Since the last few years now, we have become fully impregnated with this social media abundance that places the society itself in a constant board game. The current resident artist @jiyeonkim_de (KOR) works with the dating app ❤️ “Tinder” ❤️, which motivates her to investigate visual self-portraits of the social personalities. Tinder is used by more than 50 million people every month! In this virtual world many important things manifest themselves, but… the app incorporates many contradictions such as the frequently visualized desire for lasting and meaningful human connection and the almost negligible amount of time users spend on an individual counterpart. A swipe takes not more than the fraction of a second. How do we portray ourselves in order to not get “swiped away” by peers?

Jiyeon Kim, Showcase, GlogauAIR