Showcase // Jacqueline Huskisson

From the 02/01/2024

until the 09/01/2024

Eating the Dirt, 2023

Plaster, relief print, and found shrubbery


Jacqueline Huskisson’s artistic practice encompasses everything that makes us uneasy. Her art searches for one’s place in our metaphysical realm while examining historical and societal relationships to the natural world using the human body as context and narrative. 

Huskisson resides in a body broken and bruised, seeking salvation in the stories of youth, nostalgia, and witchery. A breach of unrecognised folklore is spewing forth from her old wounds, symbols and memories come together with each new brushstroke, each carving, every seam. During her six month residency with GlogauAIR, Huskisson will create pieces that strive to bridge the gap between mediums. Artworks that are neither paintings or drawings, and sculptures that are neither soft or hard. Her project Miasma will be an accumulation of cosmic witchcraft, digital inspired paintings, and sewn dreams.

Huskisson is an interdisciplinary artist from Calgary, also known as Móhkinstiss, in the treaty 7 region of Southern Alberta, Canada. In 2011 she received a BFA in Print Media from the Alberta College of Art and Design. In 2017 she received an MFA from the Belfast school of Art, N.Ireland.