Showcase // Fadi Al-Hamwi

From the 08/03/2022

until the 15/03/2022

Fadi Al-Hamwi

I will never try to fix myself again.2022

“Human Mistake” is a performance installation project based on three main objects/ materials: Glass, metal and vibration motors. The work studies and explores the possibilities that cause a human mistake, both consciously and subconsciously, accidentally or intentionally, as well as the actions or reactions that surround it. It is an investigation to translate and embody the chances of repairing what has been broken by accepting and honoring the damages.

The performance of “Human Mistake” will take place in GlogauAIR’s project space on March 18th and 19th as part of his upcoming exhibition.

Fadi Al-Hamwi (b.1986, Damascus, Syria) lives and works in Berlin. He studied oil and mural painting at the Damascus Academy of Fine Arts (2006-2010). Al-Hamwi’s practice spans installation, performance, sculpture and painting. Al-Hamwi’s work is concerned with how “time” and “place” bring about a metamorphosis, a process of deformation and formation anew by lending physical shape to the human experience of war. His practice began investigating the latent violence in societal constructs and evolved as actual violence began to take place around him in Damascus in 2011. He explores the relationship between dormant and actualised expressions of violence and desire, as well as the dialogue between construction and destruction.