Showcase // Daniela Schwabe

From the 15/10/2019

until the 22/10/2019

Daniela Schwabe is a painter based in Amsterdam. She finished her BA in Fine Art at ArtEZ, Arnhem in the Netherlands in 2009. In her painting practice Daniela investigates the impact of history and remembrance on an individual level. She uses the medium of painting to build a new structure for the reflection of memory and the impact of images on the way memory is conceived.

In her images, human figures are cut out brutally from their surroundings, portraits are formed of collected images, and the surface of a painting becomes a façade. Working with these different layers Daniela questions the complexity of the real in an age of manufactured copies. She draws parallels and create juxtapositions, between historical facts about war and the notion of (her own) family history, historical traumas and contemporary problems of the trustworthiness and value of images.

At the residency at GlogauAIR Daniela deepens her research into the historic background of the Cold War and specific themes like manufactured copies, repetition, fragmentation and the representation of the image as a proof of truth. Her project ‘FUTURE MEMORY’ started in 2018 and is based on one image: a painted nuclear reactor container from 1950 in the USA. This one image (that is a copy to begin with) will be copied, cut up in fragments and reused, to transform it conceptually and formally. The dissected information of the image gets distorted further and further and dissolves into paintings that represent the collective memory and information streams of the Cold War.

instagram: @danielaschwabe

Daniela Schwabe will be presenting his work at GlogauAIR’s Open Studios on December 13 – 14, 2019.

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