Showcase // Dani Toral

From the 08/11/2019

until the 15/11/2019

Dani Toral “Fiesta Sin Fin”

Dani Toral is a Mexican artist who has grown up in Mexico City and San Antonio, Texas. She has recently earned her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2018. Since most of her education was in the US, this past year after graduation, Dani has made it her mission to educate herself about Mexican history and culture through a lens of memory, comfort, and tradition.

Through bold mark-making and vibrant color palettes that reflect her rich Hispanic culture, Dani creates immersive spaces, paintings, ceramic and paper-mache objects. She is interested in the feeling of comfort, externally and internally, literal and emotional- a sense of fulfillment, like a bowl of soup or the embrace of a mother. She finds these moments of fulfillment through painting symbols and making objects that stem from her mother-culture and her memory, such as a traditional dish, or a memorable landscape.

At GlogauAIR Dani created a traditional altar for the Mexican celebration of ”Dia de Los Muertos” as a way to honor her deceased grandfather. The event was shared with the public and the GlogauAIR community, by inviting them to add to the altar with objects or photographs as the public would in Mexico. Dani seeks to balance her appreciation and desire to reconnect with Mesoamerican history,  Post- Spanish Colonization, and Mexican Folk Art, as she educates herself on these topics and creates immersive spaces.