Showcase // Charity Be

Everything in Life is Vibration–Albert Einstein,  Participatory Performance Workshops (2021)


NEXT WEEK at GlogauAIR! Participatory performance workshops facilitated by current resident artist Charity Be and former resident Mette Sanggaard. 

An embodied experience based upon the science of magnetic fields, we will playfully explore magnetic fields with our bodies. Wearable magnetic accessories will be provided. Just wear comfortable clothing. Spaces are limited. Please sign up online: 

What bodies do in a space for a stretch of time is the axis of Charity Be’s contextual intermedia art practice. She is interested in how we move our bodies individually and collectively through time and space, and why. With the objective to activate new sensory awareness in an audience, she uses whatever tools and approaches are appropriate to the subject and site of each individual work. Drawing heavily from philosophical texts and the cycles of nature, Be builds sensory-rich environments video, sound, textiles, performance and sculpture to situate the viewer more directly in an embodied experience, and to manifest the invisible and experience the conceptual through the body. 

Charity Be holds a BFA in Intermedia Art from Mills College in Oakland, California and has worked and exhibited internationally. Originally from the United States, Charity is relocating to Berlin. Wuhu!