Showcase // Camille Allen

From the 03/05/2022

until the 10/05/2022

Ghost Paintings (2022)

Camille Allen explores how architecture and adornment act as the fingerprint of crises. Her current series Ghost Paintings explores the way in which histories, stories and secrets are encoded within the land and people. Allowing for the canvas to act as its own witness, Camille does not plan her paintings, but instead allows for the topography of diluted paint washes to bring forward figures and hidden secrets.Camille also explores textiles as a form of adornment. In Grey Zone she ponders whether relics taken from a traumatised site still hold onto their original power. 

(Left) Hold Me Close, They Venture Closer
Oil on Linen Canvas, 40 x 50 cm 

(Middle) The Sacrifice 
Acrylic wash and Oil on Linen Canvas, 40 x 50 cm 

(Right) Grey Zone 
Linen Weaving, Oil and Acrylic paint, 21 x 34 cm




2022_Q2_Showcase_Camille Allen_04