Showcase // Bohyeon Kim

From the 24/01/2019

Bohyeon Kim explores pictorial systems through sculptural aspects and investigation of dialectical relationships between a subject and an object. Her works have been featured as an experimental framework that combines objects and image networks across mediums ranging from paintings and sculptures to moving images and installations.

“My works are about the passage of time. Each of the gestures and layers with objects become ‘Arche-fossils’ creating an expanding universe with the microscopic as an overlapped and restorative assemblage of the world.”

Bohyeon Kim is a Glogauair Resident Artist from January to March 2019.

She will be presenting work at GloguaAIR’s Open Studios on March 22 + 23, 2019.

Artist Bohyeon Kim exhibits work in the Showcase Gallery outside of GlogauAIR Berlin