Showcase // Arbnor Karaliti and Ermir Zhinipotoku

From the 30/04/2024

until the 07/05/2024

A weaving story, 2024
Oil on linen
70 x 170 cm

Karaliti’s emotionally charged figurative paintings, characterized by their process-oriented approach, intertwine with Zhinipotoku’s profound reflections on existentialism and the absurd,
forging a dialogue that beckons viewers to delve into the intricate tapestry of modern existence and the timeless pursuit of meaning. In their shared exploration, they navigate the depths of silence, echoing the ephemeral whispers of existence captured within the stillness of their art. As the brush
strokes dance across the canvas, they speak volumes in their silent eloquence, inviting
introspection and contemplation. Together, they unveil the hidden truths veiled by the facade of reality, inviting us to ponder the enigmatic beauty of the human experience amidst the chaos of existence.

Q2_2024_Showcase_ Arbnor Karaliti and Ermir Zhinipotoku_01