Showcase // Adi Oz-Ari

From the 09/02/2021

until the 16/02/2021

My Heart, 2021.

Video and cyanotype, 01:20 min

Sound by Ziv Matoshka and Natalie Bar

Two Angels, 2020. 


I engage in the body, which I view as a machine, attracted to moments of breakdown. Illness and pain are the raw materials comprising my personal alchemy. Inert and organic materials originating in my own and foreign bodies are the elements I work with. Similar to a chemical reaction, these elements undergo a transformation to come together into a lyrical image that sometimes loses its source entirely. A process of abstraction.

Both works are made with cyanotype, a photographic printing process in which the paper turns various shades of blue depending on the exposure time. The chemical process cannot be precisely monitored, chosen because of its affinity to chance and objectivity.

You’ll be able to see more of Adi’s work during our upcoming Open Studios on March 19th and 20th !

2021_Q1_Showcase_Adi Oz-Ari_02