RBL Edu | Radio Workshop


Matte is the most experienced technician and cable expert of the RBL crew. His duty is to ensure that no cable will interrupt the flow of the music so that everyone can enjoy a perfect live streaming of our selectors and speakers, doing what they love.
Join him in this workshop to learn how to use a mixer, microphones and other music equipments. You will learn the basic setup to broadcast online with your voice and music and create a web radio like RBL.

Our objective is to provide a space where people who doesn’t have such equipment at home or is not an integral part of the music business can practice doing what they love in an open-community environment.

In order to achieve this goal, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign: http://www.visionbakery.com/rblberlin.

In this workshop, you will get a taste of exactly what we want do!

The workshop will be structured accordingly:
– INTRODUCTION TO TECHNICAL INSTRUMENTS: Type of cables, Mixer (what is it and how does it work, the signal flow), software (Audacity/Butt/MB Studio)
– SET IT UP: Link cables and microphones from the mixer to pc and to monitor speakers and check if everything works, open Audacity and record a trial.
– TUNE IN: What is Splashtop/Teamviewer. Why do we need it and how does it work
-Let’s broadcast!


Thanks to the collaboration: