Premiere And Eight Art Salon

From 25/05/2019 to 

We are very honored to present the Premiere of And Eight Art Salon, a new fresh project of art, performance, talks, live music every two months at GlogauAIR.

The first exhibition is coming up on May 25, 2019 and is called ASSEMBLED [IM]POTENCY. It features work from seven emerging artists.

Moritz Zeisner (1994, Germany)

‘I find all the truth in nature something about infinity’, he said. At his teenage, he found his own cosmic by immerse in music. He believes that the sound of any kind resembles his everyday life. He constantly produces sound art in experimental soundscape with its installation in the individual spatial context. He lives and works in Berlin. Currently, he studies Fine art in Universität der Künste Berlin and focuses on sound related artwork.

Eva Gentner (1992, Germany)

She lives and works in Heidelberg and Mannheim. Her artistic practice ranges from painting to performance and site-specific installations. Since 2017 she has been working with composer Adrian Nagel on collaborative artistic concepts. They realized their first exhibition together in 2017 at the Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and received the Förderpreis für Bildende Kunst of the Stiftung für Fruchtmalerei und Skulptur.

Jussi S. (1980, Finland)

Through his performance, he tells the story based on prehistory and what he knows about prehistory. “There isn’t many, so I imagine more,” he said. Whereas it is enough for him to be fascinated. He works and lives in Berlin and Helsinki. He holds an MFA at Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and studied​​ in Gerrit Rietveld Academie​ ​Amsterdam.

Dora Tarasidou (1991, Germany)

She is a Greek multi-disciplinary visual artist. Her creative practice includes sculpture, collage, drawing and mixed media. The most essential part of this series is the vanities which reflect on the idea of creating a supernatural beauty. Plaster, foam, and clay create forms that look heavy and earthy, but in reality, are almost weightless. Identity, human nature, and psychology are the main subjects of inspiration. She lives and works in Berlin. She studied MA Art and Space at Kingston University of London.

Torben Jost (1991, Germany)

His installation work concentrats on the recontextualization of media artifacts in seemingly familiar settings. The transference of those situations in an exhibition space facilitates to uncover hidden meanings and power structures. He lives and works in Leipzig and Berlin. He studied in Universität der Künste Berlin and currently studies Media art in Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle.

Meltem Nil (1960s, Germany)

She sees her performances as real-time compositions in which she explores space and time. She combines movement, sound, and text as equal textures. The combination of these elements allows her to switch from the narrative to the abstract and vice versa. Characters appear and transform and the story is a surprising journey with a musical flow, creating images in the mind of the spectator.

Tzu Ting Wang (1987, Taiwan)

Her works take on metaphors from objects and landscapes to elaborate on subjects such as intimacy, insecurity and living state. Her work mostly with pencil on cotton fabric, and together with objects and installations, her drawings are often displayed with an indicated sequence and narrative as if they were chapters extracted from a book. She lives and works in Berlin and Taipei. She studied Fine art both in Chelsea College of Art & Design London and Taipei national university of the Arts.

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