Place: GlogauAIR’s Project Space

Dates: Friday 21st January at 17:00h to 21:00h (soft opening at 18:00h)

Saturday 22nd January at 12:00h to 21:00h

Entrance: Free entrance.

Please note, in accordance with local ordinances, this is a 2G+ cultural event and participants will wear masks.

Occurring quickly and unexpectedly, without warning. 

A sudden and unaccountable change of mood and behaviour. All at once, a temporary state of mind, and feeling, making every someone different. Altering the way in which one acts and conducts oneself, especially towards others. A parting point, the abrupt origin of startling ventures. 

Accepting this circumstance and making it a favourable position. Taking the chance and experimenting with the possibility of something happening, and allowing oneself to be curious to know – a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something unexpected, unfamiliar, inexplicable. 

Five different artists, four distinct projects, one shared causality; one shared vision of finding a purpose through the given chances. The photographic project Notion of Origin entwines two personal experiences in one same place: discovery and recognition. Observing Trias’ hometown for the first time, Weikopf explores the nostalgia of the landscape; Trias revisits his own memories and greets the changes. They find and weave these scenes, building their encounter with exploration and remembrance. Baraviera’s ongoing work in the fields of wood and acoustics, together with his search for a better understanding of the basics of sound, have led him to the construction of a mechanical drawing device: The Line Shaper. Standing on the border between digital and analog, he explores concepts of resonance, order, and synchronicity through the mesmerising shapes and forms. Curiosity and expedition have been key to Ferrand and Caballero’s Submmergive. Through their series of organic video and sound recordings, the duo has been non-stop creating, experimenting, saturating, tearing, and rebuilding together this video and sound installation. Lastly, Ferrand’s Crossing Fortune plays with lights, shadows, and superstition. Finding and breaking pieces of mirror, the compositions in the installation reflect sometimes the fortuitous metamorphosis of the glass, while others return the intervention of the artist to change the given forms, rejecting fortune’s wishes. 

Artworks by:

Marie Weikopf

Jose Trias

Esteban Baraviera

Sara Ferrand and Pablo Caballero

Sara Ferrand

NOTWITHSTANDING comes to life after Hang Nguyen and Ana Ferrand receive the opportunity of collaborating with GlogauAIR after successfully completing their internships in the artist residence in 2020. Bringing these art projects by Berlin-based young artists to the residence’s project space, the idea is to continue offering GlogauAIR in the future as a room for exploration and experimentation.