Love Letters



Group exhibition

Curated by Laura Olea López

Vernissage: 15th of September, from 18:00h-21:00h
Opening times:
16th of September, from 15:00h-21:00h
20th to 23rd of September, from 16:00-20:00h
Free entry


GlogauAIR will be presenting a group exhibition in the Project Space, in collaboration with LOOP Barcelona, during September 2023. This exciting showcase features the remarkable video artworks of three renowned artists: Helena Almeida, Aimée Zito Lema, and Basma Alsharif. The exhibition serves as a testament to the ongoing collaboration between GlogauAIR and LOOP Barcelona.

The three pieces presented in this exhibition use video art as a platform to share personal experiences, document emotions, and explore complex themes like love, intimacy, and the human condition. From Helena Almeida’s captivating black and white meditative piece “Untitled” (2010) which delves into the artist’s relationship with her life-long partner; to Aimée Zito Lema’s two-channel work “The Sea as Common Ground (From a Wave Point of View)” (2022) which explores the interconnections between individuals and the natural environment; and Basma Alsharif’s intimate and powerful “The Story of Milk and Honey” (2011) that addresses themes of displacement, identity, and memory in a beautiful visual poem.

The artists here use the first person as a vehicle for honesty, building intimacy with the viewer and expressing their emotions. The three artworks were selected from the digital archive of video art VIDEOCLOOP, LOOP’s public online platform dedicated to the study, promotion and preservation of the moving image. By showcasing these exceptional pieces, GlogauAIR and LOOP continue to strengthen the creative bonds between Berlin and Barcelona’s artistic communities.

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