Listening Touch




Opening days and times:
24.02 – 05.03.2023

Vernissage: 24.02 from 18.00h – 22.00h

Wed  – Thu : 15.00  –  19.00h
Fr – Sun: 12.00  –  19.00h
and by appointment, please email
Free admission


Listening Touch

Through a series of sculptural environments, Yasmin Bawa’s first solo show Listening Touch takes us deep into her practice, inviting visitors to slow down, sink in, and ground into our senses.


Artist guided tour:

Sun 26.02 & Sun 05.03  – 15.00- 15.30h

Join Yasmin as she takes us through the exhibition providing insights into her practice and the installations shown in the space.



A series of events will be taking place during the exhibition and visitors are warming invited to join for these happening. The artists have been given an open invitation to integrate their practice into the space, each taking you on a journey of sound, space and body. How do we create space in the mind in order to slow down? How can we listen to the touch of the process?


Sat 25.02 – 19.00- 19.30h

‘If a body was a sound where could it take you’   by room

Fri 03.03 – 19.00 – 20.00h

Live Ethereal Ambient Soundscapes   by Kimi Recor

Throughout her two-decade long musical adventure,  which saw her delving into multiple genres, instruments and styles, Berlin based sonic artist kimi recor has always used her work as a way to explore her connection to the worlds- her inner world, the natural world and the worlds of other people.


Saturday 04.03 – 17.00-18.00 

Resonant Body Movement   by Ana Kavalis

Ana Kavalis (* 1976 in Havana) is a Cuban-German performance artist based in Berlin. Since 2007 she has been producing her own solo dance-theater performances. In parallel, Ana collaborates with different dance and theater groups from the independent scene in Berlin and abroad. Since 2019 she leads the Resonant Body Training in several studios in Berlin.



Yasmin Bawa is a Berlin based artist. Drawing on careful observation of the topology of space, she works sculpturally to explore the use of natural materials and traditional hand building techniques. Her work is created through a slow, layered process that allows space for meditation and reflection. Her sculptural installations create a world that we can enter, where object and user are seen as equal entities. Her forms articulating the voids and contours that exist between the body and its environment.Her current work is an exploration of hemp lime, a term for the basic mixture of hemp shiv, clay, and lime binder. Together they tell a story of strength, renewability, and versatility; fusing the traditions of historical technologies to contemporary ideas for sustainability.


Photography: Margaret Flatley