Künstler, Künstlerin + Wechseln: EINS

From 06/02/2020 to 06/02/2020

Curated by Alexander Norton and Arantxa Ciafrino

Künstler, Künstlerin and Wechseln are happy to invite for their first collaborative events EINS. We selected four artists that are working with performance, video and sound art. EINS is looking for the miraculous. For this programme Künstler, Künstlerin and Wechseln invites you to reflect on the sea, transitional spaces, sensation of floating between binaries, sound, water, floating through sound waves, looking for the miraculous, finding the miraculous in bodies that experienced transformations, bodies often open and exposed.

Marie Carangi​ (video installation)
Marie works in the creation of contexts and situations focusing on the female body as an aesthetic, political and self-narrative agent. Working across media researching identity, apparel, ethnicity, ancestry, social customs, public space and collective experiences, her performances unfold in video, sound art, photography and object installations.

Stevie Southard (video installation)
Stevie Southard works with visual and performance pieces. Using themselves as a canvas for their ideas they explore the realms of binaries within society, They are based in Berlin.

Ben Glas (sound art)
Ben Glas is a compostmodernist / experimental composer / absurdist based in Berlin. He works with sound pieces both visual and sonic.

Tina Scarlatina (performance)
Tina Scarlatina does performance, video and graphic design. Her intention is to cross boundaries between material and virtual production, as well as gender performance. Her work reflects on the work as professional cleaner and immigrant living in Germany. In Berlin she has been involved with many art and music collectives.

The entry fee is 3 euro. All the money goes to the artists and future projects.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1018688345170661/