F*ck the internet



Pop-up Market


Dates: 19th and 20th of November 2022

Opening times: Saturday 19th from 14:00h to 21:30h & Sunday 20th November from 12:00 to 20:00h

Location: Project Space


The second edition of the f*ck the internet pop-up market is happening on the 19th and 20th of November 2022, at the GlogauAIR space in Kreuzberg.

True to their feminist & queer DNA, Badass Prints and Daughters of Witches will host independent small brands and projects run by women and queer designers or artists.

Their projects normally live on the internet, but nothing beats the opportunity to meet in physical spaces. Badass Prints and Daughters of Witches want to celebrate our communities with you and create a safe space to treat yourself and get inspired.

Music, drinks, food, an art exhibition, they have a lot planned. Stay tuned to meet all the participants and pieces you’ll find at F*ck the Internet!


About f*ck the internet: This project was created by Badass Prints and Daughters of Witches, with the intention to create community-led events for queer & women designers and artists.

As members of these communities themselves, Badass Prints and Daughters of Witches know from their own experiences how difficult it is to manage your own business and how your gender and identity intersect with societal and neo-liberal constraints. The art, design, and business worlds, are made by and for cis-white-rich men. Like in many fields, they always had the power and they are not comfortable giving it to women or queer people (and yes, that can also happen inside the queer community). The patriarchal, cis, hetero, racist, capitalist system is a bitch, but let’s dismantle it together! Badass Prints and Daughters of Witches hope is that by creating these events that are a celebration of these communities, they will help you in our own little way to face these hardships.

F*ck the internet is an independent and without profit initiative