From 29/05/2019 to 25/08/2019

la mire / Residence A Roof Above Your Head
The solo exhibition CONCRETEMENT is part of a partnership with the association la mire which supports artists living in the Centre – Val de Loire region in the definition, creation and transmission of their projects.

In order to facilitate their mobility, la mire organizes a research and creation residence based in Berlin, called A Roof Above Your Head. Since 2012, the association collaborates with GlogauAIR, a shared studio residency space, a multidisciplinary residence programme opened to international artists.
At the end of the three-months residence, the invited artist exhibits, delivers an end-of-residence talk on the occasion or the Open Studio days. A “return” exhibition of the research led during the residence is presented in partner places in the Centre – Val de Loire region.

The French artist Maxime Thoreau was born in Orléans in 1990. He graduated from the École nationale supérieure d’art de Bourges and now works and lives in Meymac, in Corrèze.

The solo exhibition CONCRETEMENT combines old pieces and new ones produced for the occasion with the support of the city of Amboise and the association la mire.

In Maxime Thoreau’s work, rather than a competition between man and machine, the interest lies in singling out a shape. These sculptures are to their source objects what statues are to men: a reproduction that celebrates their physicality and beauty.

The works in this collection result from a shift of materials and are therefore closer to industrial prototypes which purpose is merely to draw the contours of an object, in order to get an idea of its volume and lines. Maxime Thoreau uses neither a forge nor cast iron but materials there at hand, like wood, cement or plaster, and accessible techniques such as cutting, welding or moulding.

Maxime Thoreau
29/05 > 25/08