Colaboraciones: artists in collective creation



Exhibition by Chilean Conexión


Opening days and times:

16th June – from 18:00h to 21:00h

17th June – from 15:00h to 21:00h

20th to 23rd June – from 17:00h to 20:00h

Free admission


Since its inception, the “Chilean Conexión” Arts Festival, has fostered the collaborative work of artists from the south, in order to help them connect with the local art world and create community, while supporting the dissemination of their work in Berlin. Similar to the current collaboration with GlogauAIR as a host and opportunity for exchange.

Collaboration has become, more than ever, a necessity due to the numerous global crises, such as climate change, the pandemic, and war. Collective artistic practices have impregnated the art world, and it is common to find productions and exhibitions focused on the subject, such as Documenta 15, curated by the Ruandgrupa Collective, the Venice Architecture Biennale entitled “How will we live together?”, or the past Berlin Arts Biennale curated by a group of 4 curators.

But what does it mean and why should we collaborate today, when competition and individualism are valued artistically?

The 13 artists and collectives gathered together in this exhibition bring us closer to the subject from various creative fields, which include sound art, installation, video art, and performance:

Telluric Collective / Tanza Lab + Melanie Garland / Cero 8 Collective / Bernardita Villarroel & Roberto Duarte / Marcos Mesa & RedMi / Never School and the Other Futures / Pink Valley Collective / Santiago Mac-Aullife, Pablo Perra & Bigote Acrochet / Carolina Pérez / Hello i Chau / Pablo Hassmann / Valentina Wong, Andrés Benjamin Salazar & Nicolás Russi / Offject Ensemble



Blanqueamiento, Chilean Conexión 2020, Performances, Hugo Peña & Daniela Durand

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