不祥的 Ominous by Danilo Andrés / Performance Dance


不祥的 OMINOUS by Danilo Andrés / Work in progress

how savage can be the taste of vulnerability?

OMINOUS is an exaltation of the dreaming humours of the body by shifting between extreme saturation and the vacuity of subtle sensual textures. The performers work on a fragmentary space where fantasy, beliefs, dreams and personal archetypes appear as material for a new weird alphabet.

In the daydreaming landscape performative perspectives unfold as love, anger and intimacy is examined.

The first movement-spell of a trilogy for 6 female performers, with: Judith Förster, Sophie Mars, Bernardita Villarroel, Miriam Bach, Dahlia Nyx, Courtney Brossel.

Direction & Choreography by Danilo Andrés

Music Design by Nicolas Mores

Picture from Craig Murray films

*Doors open at 20h
5-8e / suggested donation

Judith Förster works as a costume designer, choreographer and performs herself. Her works tiptoe between choreography and visual arts. She investigates the transformation and translation of bodies and shapes into material, which can be cropped, smudged, sliced and put together again. She approaches this metamorphosis ( fx. becoming nature artifacts) in durational installations, stage works and studio sessions through breath work, exhaustion, being-with, voice and external sound.

Sophie Mars is a performance artist from ‘nowhere’ interested in participatory, sensory and immersive work exploring collective and spontaneous energy and idiosyncratic ritual as new means of viewing and transforming space both physically and ontologically. Always interrogating the role of the body in today’s (digital) context, her themes include human interaction, sexuality, gender, virtual reality and healing. She combines her two fields – dance therapy and performance – in an effort to bring about a transformation. She has performed in galleries, streets and in-between spaces and places across Europe, New York and South America.

Bernardita Villarroel is a Chilean dancer and choreographer, she has worked in different projects related to dance and video, mainly dancing/choreographing for music video clips, movies and researching in the video dance format. She lives and work in Berlin since 2016. Her most recent projects are¨Pacifico¨and ¨Pacifico exercises¨. She has worked for many years as a dancer in Josevidal & compañia joining their last tours in Europe.

Miriam Bach is a Berlin-based dancer and performance artist. She graduated with a BSc in Psychology from Leiden University (The Netherlands) in 2017 and subsequently completed Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s MASA programme (Israel). Over time, Miriam has undergone training in various dance styles such as Contemporary Dance, Gaga, Classical Ballet and Vouging. In her artistic practice she enjoys rethinking physical articulation, and investigating questions related to human posture and holding/carrying one‘s own body, social processes, authenticity, reaching boundaries and g-force.

Dahlia Nyx is a performer, nude/erotic model and musician (vocals, lyrics, electric guitar). She’s drawn to the hidden, absurd and mystic/subjective, fascinated by human dreams, fears, desires. In her search for forms to make the invisible tangible, she’s delving into time-framed moments of intimacy and poaching from all creative disciplines fit-for-purpose. She has a background in religious studies and theatre studies (LMU Munich), as well as in dance therapy and arts therapy.

Nicolás Mores Born in Santiago de Chile, currently lives and works in Berlin. He graduated as a Sound Engineer and Documentary Filmmaker. His interest in music arose at an early age influenced by the music of the 70s and 80s, playing in Hardcore-punk, Kraut-rock & noise bands. Nicolas has played live experimental music in places like Spektrum and also as a DJ in many bars and clubs of Germany.

Courtney Brossel is an American dancer and educator based in Berlin. She graduated with a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. Since her move to Berlin, she has performed regularly in different cabaret shows. Developing the connection she has to herself, the artists that she shares the space with, and the audience is an important theme in her work. Aside from performing, she teaches movement in various schools and studios and is interested in contributing to inclusive and accessible dance education.

Danilo Andrés (‘Trauko’) is a dancer/choreographer and visual artist based in Berlin. His work in visual, sonic and performance art has always been interrelated, and is signified by incorporating multiple forms of media such as sculptural headpieces, costumes, photography and video, with several languages in performance. He embodies magical archetypes by creating a dialogue with his own essential, primitive spirit and explores themes of possession by internal demons. This fascination for symbolism, archetypal figures and sacred geometry is a way to manifest the chaotic yet fluid phenomena behind the material world, and enables our bodies to become indistinct, transparent and infinite again. Since 2014, he’s collaborated with artistic institutions in Berlin including Akademie der Künste and Neuköllner Oper, along with his work as a solo performer/dancer in cooperation with other choreographers like Minako Seki and Felix Ruckert (Schwelle7). https://www.instagram.com/ditirambos_danilo/


title image for a dance performance by Danilo Andres at GlogauAIR in November 2018