Project Space

So & So Studio is an anonymous design practice based in Berlin. The natural convergence of their artistic and architectural languages is evident within their growing body of works, between the Europe and the USA. Blurring the lines between intuition and refinement through each of their creative interventions, they continue to critique and question the built and unbuilt environment around them. Their work is playful in nature with a process that is fun, iterative and at times inappropriate.

The work of So & So Studio ranges in scale and focus from architectural design through urban discourse, product development and art installations. Regardless of project nature or scope, So & So Studio seizes every opportunity to connect today’s relevance in architectural thinking to the people that are occupying those spaces.
Perceived Space, So & So Studio’s use of collage as both a medium and a method to define three-dimensional space acts as a departure from contemporary orthodoxy, and challenges the conventional perception of physical space. Thinking through collage media, they begin each project with completely unfiltered artistic intuition. Exploring tangible ways to bring the collage to life, they expand the art to an interactive scale, unique to each space. The collage becomes a model for spatial communication.

Their latest piece articulates the studio’s use of collage as an intuitive exploration and questioning of how people perceive and experience space.