Intrusive act 

We are incapable of understanding and helping people suffering from PTSD, understanding them and valuing their emotions is the first step in restoring the lives of people who are victims of violence.

What has happened cannot be erased. What can be done, however, is to deal with the traces of trauma in the body, mind and soul.

Intrusive act is an installation that wants to give the viewer a chance to understand,to experience those sensations on their own skin.

And to understand the weight of the consequences of sexual violence, because trauma is not just the moment of violence but becomes the new reality of that person's life.

So we will experience it from a different point,

A dark room with a strong red light that creates a parallel reality; the loud and very common sound of a refrigerator destabilizes us

Asking us questions about things that you can no longer recognize as such: what is that noise? Do I know it ? Is it supposed to scare me ?

A simple sound takes on new life.

A sheet that descends and rises bringing us to experience a respiration different from our own, creating a space that changes, nothing is real anymore.

Everything becomes a danger.

Photo Installation

The study book

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