Ruthie Scarpino

United States

Ruthie Scarpino is an ensemble circus and performance artist hailing from the wilds of Maine. As both an artist and a scholar, she believes art can be used to enrich the human experience beyond entertainment, using movement, physical theatre, and technology like a microscope, zooming in to show what is otherwise unseen. Ruthie’s training—much like her art—is diverse. She has a Master’s degree in Art for Social Engagement from the Rhode Island School of Design; and completed her circus studies under the tutelage of circus greats Gino Farfan and Miguel Caceras at The Circus Warehouse. Ruthie is an alumni of Le Ecole International de Theatre de Jacques Lecoq, the esteemed physical theatre school in Paris, France where she researched the intersection of circus and physical theatre.

Ruthie’s current work is rooted in this background, creating from technique and the truthful movement held within matter itself. Due to confinement and the closure of cultural and creative spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ruthie has launched herself into exploring how to utilize technology to create the illusion of ensemble. Building pieces with either a single performer or a very small ensemble, she manipulates infrared technology and projection mapping to build a “company” that interacts together in real time.

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