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Position: GlogauAIR Residency Program Coordinator

Application deadline: February 5th, 2020

Reporting Supervisor: Co-Founder of Memoria Artística Chema Alvargonzalez & GlogauAIR

Work Week: 35 hours Tuesday to Saturday, some evening and weekend responsibilities


GlogauAIR is seeking applicants for a Residency Program Coordinator position. As a Residency Project Coordinator you will represent GlogauAIR to the public, organizing partners, and collaborators, you will coordinate resident artists and team members, serve as primary point of contact for the program and coordinate the different activities, marketing and social media initiatives to fit the mission of assisting artists from outside Berlin immerse themselves into the artistic scene of the city and to present their work at the end of their residency during Open Studios.

About GlogauAIR

GlogauAIR gGmbH is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by the Spanish artist Chema Alvargonzalez, with the intention to create a meeting point between artists from all disciplines to work in collaboration, expanding their practice in terms of concepts and formats.

GlogauAIR functions as a program for artists in residency where artists can develop and produce their projects. Artists from all artistic disciplines (installation, video, film, sculpture, creative writing, architecture, electronic music, painting, drawing, performance, photography, etc.) are invited to apply with a project for a residency for three or six months. Open calls for application are scheduled four times a year. The building offers two floors with five studios on each, making 13 the maximum number of residents at any one time.

GlogauAIR Artist-in-Residence Program provides not only with a studio but also with the appropriate conditions for the artists to focus on research, experimentation and further development of their projects. Residencies at GlogauAIR provides artists with the time, inputs and connections with Berlin’s art scene, through advisory and meetings with other artists, critics, and curators.

Parallel to the Residency Program and the open studios GlogauAIR organizes activities and exchange projects in collaboration with other art institutions, universities, and research centers.



This exciting role involves representing GlogauAIR to the public, organizing partners, and collaborators and to serve as primary point of contact for the program and coordinate team members.



RESIDENT SERVICES (Coordination and Organisation of exhibitions, projects and artists.)
- Liaison with resident selection advisory committee
- Coordinate and assemble contracts, resident, welcome packages, events, open calls for new residencies, etc..
- Primary point of contact for residents and program-related needs
- Coordinate local team to provide activities to resident + community partners project/program plans
- Contribute towards the development of the curatorial line for exhibition and activity program in line with the legacy of the founder
- Coordination and management of the artist and activity calendar
- Ensure compliance with the guidelines set in the residency's house rules

- Primary point of contact for residents and housing-related needs
- Facilitate residence turnover
- Report facilities emergencies

- Establish and maintain archive of resident projects
- Coordinate outside documentation where necessary
- Collect program feedback from residents
- Track attendance at GlogauAIR events and during open studios and hours

MARKETING + COMMUNICATIONS (Management of social media, PR and Press releases.)
- Initial point of contact for media inquiries
- Engage and maintain relationships with community collaborators
- Implement branding accurately and consistently across various print and digital formats
- Originate and administer residency specific digital newsletter
- Set up and manage social media presence in accordance with La Memoria and GlogauAIR brand and communications
- Coordinate all digital content
- Generate press releases for public events
- Facilitate press relations where necessary
- Post calls for applications four times a year

- Maintain and update GlogauAIR website
- Generate, collect, and publish original content

- Assist Directors with fundraising and grant writing


- Bachelor’s degree in an applicable field
- 2-3 years related experience in arts administration or arts programming
- Comfortable utilizing software programs related to office tasks, work with images and content for the web
- Work collaboratively; build and maintain relationships with resident artists and community partners
- Excellent oral and written communication in English and good level of German
- Ability to work independently and multitask
- Resident in Berlin


Work schedule flexibility is critical; ocasionally you will need to work evenings and weekends

To apply to this exciting position please click below to fill in the application form (Please note that you will be taken you to our main web page)

Sally Rivera Bernal
Managing Director