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Open Studios // September 2016



A new edition of GlogauAIR’s Open Studios event is about to start!



eegb // Alexandre Félix // Maximilien Pyée // Gervaise Netherway// Marcie Miller-Gross//
Kenneth Hall // Marla Jacarilla // Madison Kelly // Ben Reilly // Mireille Ripoll//
Uzma Sultan // Natalia Urnía // Maud Vareillaud-Bouzzine 

From the 23rd to the 24th of September, new artists and brand new projects will be presented to Berlin’s audience. As usual, aside from our multicultural resident artists personally welcoming the visitors in their studios, GlogauAIR is also presenting parallel activities. This time the program includes the guest exhibition Self-translation, a timely reflection on the contemporary migratory hybrid identities, permanently torn between the culture of origin and the culture of the country they are hosted by. To enrich even more this fluent environment of creativity and knowledge, the artists’ talk The state of contemporary art in Turkey will be held, along with the presentation of three performances by Berlin-based experimental musicians and one DJ.

The variety of subjects treated and the diversity of mediums used reflect by itself the commitment to openness, innovation and to the development of the artists’ own identity that resides at GlogauAIR’s core. Promoting artistic dialogue across cultures is also one of the aims of the institution which sees itself as a facilitator platform for this interchange. This is the reason why during the 23rd and 24th the Open Studios September 2016 will merge the multicultural voices of the resident artists with the artists of the guest exhibition Self-translation, along with the four invited musicians and will likewise include an artists’ talk on The state of contemporary art in Turkey.



Curated by Özlem Çengel-Götzelt

Mehtap Baydu // Kınay Olcaytu // Canan Çengel // Funda Ozgünaydın //
Zied Hadhri // Aykan Safoğlu // Silvina Der Meguerditchian

Every cosmos is a realisation of the possibilities of a dialogue. And with this insight, I have the basis for a field theory of translation.

Vilem Flusser, Für eine Feldtheorie der Übersetzung, 1967.

Whilst we are living in rapidly changing political and cultural environments maybe we think more about the neighbourhoods in which we lived or are living now. Are there still the same borders, the same societies or the same neighbourhood, or do we actually know our neighbours at all? How long could we remain within these environments? What are the motives that make us to move or remain? And how do we perceive all and translate it into our world with our inner interpretation?
In other words, are we all Self – Translators?
Are we Self-Translators, simply a metaphor for the process of relocation or cultural transfer and negotiation precipitated by exile, migration or travel? As translators, are we devoid of ‘originality’ as cultures are inevitably becoming increasingly hybrid in this age of globalisation? The fact is most evident to the artists who self translates, who is conscious of both the hybridity of the culture s/he creates with in and her or his own art.
This exhibition aims to highlight of these questions by introducing individual artistic works through the art forms of photography, video, installation and performance of those have experiences of living in the various neighbourhoods in different cities and countries.
Self-Translation: Brokering Originality in Hybrid Culture, Bloomsbury Academic, editor Anthony Cordingley, 2013.



Friday, September 23rd // 19:00 – 24:00
22:00 // Experimental Sound // Wojtek Bajda aka Xing Xing Xing
21:00 // CROCANTI // Martí Guillem
22:00 // DJ Session // Akın Kazuk

Saturday, September 24th // 16:00 – 22:00
17:00 // Artist Talk:
The State of Contemporary Art in Turkey
Özlem Çengel-Götzelt, Funda Ozgünaydın, Aykan Safoğlu
20:00 // Paul Arámbula