Open Studios // March 2017



The first GlogauAIR Open Studios of the year. What have our new resident artists been working on? What have they been trying out? What innovative ideas do they bring this time? GlogauAIR opens its doors once more to welcome you to take part in one more event where art, open dialogue and creative thinking are celebrated above all!

Besides having 11 wonderful multi-disciplinary artists in residence showcasing their works in their own studios, GlogauaAIR has invited the immensely energetic and creative COVEN BERLIN collective to curate the ground floor exhibition.”The Sprawls” exhibition will challenge the visitor to look closely at borders of gender and gendered borders, while using a dazzling multy-disciplinary artistic approach.

Also, don’t miss Coven Berlin’s collective talk on Saturday 25th at 4pm. As a “sex-positive transdisciplinary queer collective focused on intersectional feminism, love, gender, sexuality and art”, they will briefly present and discuss their views and curatorial practice which are frequently focused on deconstructing assimilated social structures.


Free Admission

Friday, March 24th // 19:00 – 24:00

20:00 // Louise Trueheart // matter v matter – a foray // Performance
21:00 // Sura Hertzberg // Naked SURAnade // Naked Live Music Performance
22:00 // Vagittarius Rising // THE DECLARATION OF THE NATION OF VAG // Live Music Performance
23:00 // S&M // Moving // Live Music and Reactive Movement Performance

Saturday, March 25th // 16:00 – 24:00

16:00 // COVEN BERLIN // Collective Talk
17:00 // Madeleine White // See Somebody // 1-on-1 Performance Harley Aussoleil // Pärchen // 1-on-1 Performance
19:00 // DREAMaTEAM // ALLE UNTER EINER DECKE – becoming activist // Intimate Collective Performance


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Featured Artists

Artists in Residence:

David Gonçalves // Tadasuke Jinno // Ewa Kubiak // Hyoyoun Lee // Roxanne Nesbitt // Maximilien Pyée // Alexandre Félix // Uzma Sultan // Laurent Trezegnies // Natalia Urnía // Ilyn Wong


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