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The last GlogauAIR Open Studios of this year – taking place on the 15th and 16th of December – will be presenting the audience with a variety of exciting activities as well as giving them the opportunity to take a sneak peak at the resident artists´new projects. GlogauAIR will be hosting the exhibition Place, the End of One´s Journey- an attempt to give a sense to the definition of place in the context of a globalized society. In collaboration with the music label Still for Talent the inauguration of the event will be accompanied by an exhilarating DJ set by the up-and-coming Berlin-based DJ Niko Schwind, and consequently enriched by the artist talk What Borders in a Global World with the invited artists Fuentesal & Arenillas and Marta Lodola.

Open Studios December 2017 will give the visitors the opportunity to dive in Alexander Bondar´s snowy post-Soviet landscapes, while juxtaposing them to Fermin Sales´ rural, raw cinematographic images of El Maestrat, Spain. Fuentesal & Arenillas pose the question of continuity through their ever-changing medium, while Guangchun Gao explores the constantly transitioning relationship between the environment and humanity.

The artistic couple JAZOO & Haku proposes an alternative way of understanding sound through interaction and in the mean time Jenny Lewis negotiates space transcending the two and three-dimensional realm. José Caerols L. follows the footprints of a post-industrial identity whilst Kim Hyun Kyung oposes him by exploring the emptyness and tranquility of bamboo forests. Paralel to the instrumentalist Marko Ivic, who deals with the interaction of his own body in relation to that of the piano , the inter-disciplinary artist Jia-Jen Lin examines the process of searching for and reconfiguring physical and digital memories.

Using humour and tactile materials, Nessa Finnegan´s  work explores a wide spectrum of established gendered roles and rules, while through their fictional screenplay  the Finish duo Vappu Tuomisto & Matti Koskinen distress over the farmers mistreatment of animals and shrinking resources for the care of the elderly. Lastly the Chinese artist Wei Fei explores the culture and history of Berlin through different mediums such as sculpture, installation and graphic painting.


Friday, December 15th // 19:00 – 24:00

19:00 – 21:00 // Marta Lodola and Valerio Ambiveri // Being in this World – Performance

21:00 // Willis Anne // Live Music Performance

Saturday, December 16th // 15:00 – 20:00

16:30 // Look me in the I. Art as an act of transference of the self // Hanneke van der Werf and Matthew Lloyd

18:00 – 20:00 // Marta Lodola and Valerio Ambiveri // Being in this World – Performance

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