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Open Studios // December 2016



Before the end of the year, on the 9th and 10th of December, GlogauAIR will still be taking the opportunity of celebrating creativity, experimentation, intercultural and inter-artistic dialogue.

Open Studios December 2016 will be showcasing the works of 14 resident emergent international creators and will be hosting in its Project Space the 10th edition of the video-art festival Pop up Kino, curated by Nati Grund, on the topic Life. In addition, in order to energize even more the interchange of innovative ideas, Humor is a serious matter is a promisingly funny artists’ talk on the usage of humorous speech in art.
During their stay at GlogauAIR, the artists have been focusing on materializing exciting projects which will for the first time be shown to the public. The artistic duo Clark Beaumont is performativity exploring the balance between subjectiveness and interpersonal relationships, while Carlos Franco focus on allegorizing current issues impacting our daily lives and Britni Franklin highlights the tie between colonialism and contemporary capitalism by means of photographic digital collage. In the studios next to theirs, by means of technological self-build devices, Pratheek Irvathur tries to dissect the elusive threads of Thought and Jignesh Panchal exposes distortions and consequential shifts of meanings in the so-called Truth. Still chasing after revealing a hidden dimension, Mireille Ripoll summons the viewer’s unconscious mind with her engraved cupper plates. The beauty of natural forms and colors is highlighted in Alexandre Félix and Maximilien Pyée’s hedonist photographic compositions, while the duo Sam Hatfield & Fiona Skelton rely on the mechanics of absurdist humor to create their video pieces. Finally, the deep bond intimately tightening Time and Space is seen in Natalia Urnia’s conceptual work with textiles and in Ben Reilly’s sculptures which intersect Germany’s past with its way of being recalled in the present, while Jun Zhang presents his bold project of radically deconstructing the common notion of Space itself.

Having been since the founding years committed to contributing to fuel Berlin’s vibrant artistic scene, GlogauAIR allows fresh international voices to feed from this stimulating environment while they simultaneously freely test and expand their artistic practice. The results of previous months’ personal and professional experiences will then all come together on Open Studios December 2016, happening on the 9th and 10th. To support and offer the opportunity of expressing locally based artists and curators’ inventive voices, Life, the 10th edition, of Pop Kino festival is this month’s invited Project Space guest exhibition.

Thanks to the collaboration: