Embodied Metaphor: Movement, State, Context Workshop + Performance

Embodied metaphor: movement, state, context. Workshop and performance project by Evgenia Chetvertkova

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I invite dancers, performers, actors and everyone who is interested in movement and self-development to dive into improvisational artistic practice developed through years of creating choreography for myself and other people. I call this practice “body poetry”. It operates through metaphors, associations, and meanings, usually avoiding verbal definitions.
In the series of exercises we will explore following topics:
1. Approach to the states: qualities of body presence and movements
2. Improvised body characters: how to invite the guests.
3. What works here and now? Immediate personal response to the context
4. Co-presence as a starting point of interaction with a spectator
We will learn how to connect the state of mind, emotion, inner visualizations with the quality of movement and use this connection as a source to create immediate poetical response to the context. Day by day tuning interrelation between the embodied state and the movement we will create material for a performance presentation.

Registration: https://forms.gle/NTAaX4iW6W7m9isEA

Dates: 25,27,28,29 November. 17:00-21:00
Attention: we skip November, 26
Presentation, open to the public on Saturday, November, 30

price 150 euro
early bird 130 euro till 12.11

Evgenia is a performer, dancer and choreographer based in Berlin. She began to dance in early childhood and got her initial education and stage experience in ballet and folk dance. While studying at the Moscow State University (psychology) she moved towards more contemporary forms of dance and theatre. After graduating she took part in performances of the Derevo Theatre and began her own experiments in dance, musical theatre, and visual arts. In 2010-2017 she spent her time with PoemaTheatre first as a dancer and later as a choreographer, which allowed to elaborate a unique practice and experiment with all possible types of body based performances. In 2013-2014 she was a co-founder and director of “Experimental theatre and animation laboratory”, which was aiming to combine cartoons, dance theatre in a single performance. In 2014-2016 she was a dancer in a Luc Perceval’s “Macbeth”. Accomplishing MA SODA HZT program has become a turning point in her artistic development. Since then she applies her multigenre skills in research on formats of participative events.