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ready-arrhe 1917 (à compter de 1993)

April - August 2016

In 1993, LO-renzo invented the ready-arrhe based on Duchamp’s equation arrhe/art = shit/shit. This reference to the master by creating a ready-made out of a toillet paper roll, was the starting point of LO-renzo’s artistic approach: 'making art', in a new, insolent and playful way.
Each roll is thus stamped with violet ink, just like the animals in a butcher shop are stamped. The first note on the toillet paper roll, 1917 Marcel Duchamp, is a reference to The Fountain. The following one, 1961 Piero Manzoni evokes Artist’s Shit and the last note, 1993 LO-renzo, integrates him as a continuator of this way of making art.
From Marcel Duchamp’s inaugural gesture to the ready-arrhe, not forgetting Yves Klein’s perception of the world as a ready-made, the way an artwork is conceived has changed; it became more of an object shaped by an intelectual process, than the application of certain techniques aiming at a formal outcome.
On December 31st 2015, 400 collectors obtained the ready-arrhe 1917, from which Yvon Lambert was one of the first.

Marie Cécile Ruault-Marmande
Art historian

Ready-arrhe 1917 (since 1993)
Stamped toillet paper
The roll: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
Limited edition: 400 collectors up to 31.12.2015

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