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Case Sparse
Tra l’Etere e la Terra

July 2014

Case Sparse - Tra l’Etere e la Terra is a project asking the artists in their residence to face with the Malonno Region (Brescia, Italy), by producing site-specific artworks all along selected public paths; within three years this artworks will be part of the main core of an art-nature park.

The artists are asked to send periodically by web the evidence of their creative process to a urban art space. Here, every day but in random times, a window (a video Skype Call) will be opened on GlogauAIR's showcase where all the process will be shown.

Elisabetta Falanga// Giuseppe Fanizza// Marco La Rosa// Orestis Mavroudis// Seiji Morimotto

A project by Monica Carrera and Francesca Damiano with Giulia Restifo
Video by Fatima Bianchi
Curator-in-residence Marta Ferretti

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