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Antje Peters

May 2014

Display is a showcase specific installation, by German artist Antje Peters, whose series of photographs (of the same title) are of the prestigious display cabinets situated within one o Berlin's most luxurious and largest shopping areas, Kurf├╝rstendamm, Charlottenburg. Presentingus with a single photograph of a single cabinet placed on the prestigious sidewalk, the artists' focus is on, that of the intention of such cabinets whose role is that of the encasing of important objects. For, in highlighting the cabinet itself, and separating it fromits surroundings and district, is able to visualize the notion of sculpture, where such anaction makes the cabinet itself the object of importance, especially when it is situated in its own display case.

This showcase is part of the artists' interest in the aspects of display, with particular regards to the exhibition of art and consumer objects, and how the two notions are able to become merged and blurred.

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