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Who can apply?

Artists from all artistic disciplines (installation, videoart, sculpture, architecture, electronic music, painting, drawing, performance, photography, net art, etc.) are invited to send us a proposal.

Deadlines to send the applications

October 31st, 2017 // Deadline for the residency beginning in May 2018

To the Application Form

Please check the following guidelines before submitting your application.

Documentation needed

// Personal and Contact Data

Name, Nationality, Birthdate, Address, Telephone, Email, Website
Artistic disciplines you are interested in

// Artist Statement

A short text about you in pdf or doc format, max 1MB

Please rename your file following this format: your_name_statement.pdf

// Artistic Resume

An updated vita in pdf or doc format, max 1MB

Please rename your file following this format: your_name_vita.pdf

// Project Description

Describe the project you want to develop at GlogauAIR

1 file, pdf format preferred, we accept also doc, odt. Maximum 10MB

Please rename your file following this format: your_name_project.pdf

// Work samples

Maximum 10 pictures, jpg, 1MB each. Title, media, dimensions, year
For E-mail application, please attach a single pdf or zip/rar file

Please rename your files following this format: your_name_sample01.jpg

For audio or video files, please include links to your works and a still or cover picture of your work.

// Your residency

Preferred period for your residency
Desired duration
Can you come to stay with short notice? How short?
Are you supported/granted by any organization or institution?

Download application guidelines

To the Application Form

Email applications

For email applications please send your documentation to